01/01/year Ibyci equus. The horse of Ibycus. (Adagia 4.7.59)
01/02/year Mulges hircum. You're trying to milk a billy-goat. (Adagia 1.3.51)
01/03/year Auribus lupum teneo. I'm holding the wolf by the ears. (Adagia 1.5.25)
01/04/year Si bovem non possis, asinum agas. If you don't have an ox you can drive, drive a donkey. (Adagia 2.8.4)
01/05/year Cervus canes trahit. The stag is pulling the dogs. (Adagia 4.4.11)
01/06/year Delphinum natare doces. You're teaching a dolphin to swim. (Adagia 1.4.97)
01/07/year Hydram secas. You're slashing a hydra. (Adagia 1.10.9)
01/08/year Annulus aureus in naribus suis. A golden ring in a sow's nostrils. (Adagia 1.7.24)
01/09/year Equi dentes inspicere donati. To look a gift horse in the mouth. (Adagia 4.5.24)
01/10/year Meliores nancisci aves. To find better birds/omens. (Adagia 2.7.20)
01/11/year Ex ipso bove lora sumere. To get the reins from the ox himself. (Adagia 1.2.77)
01/12/year Cum adsit ursus, vestigia quaeris. When the bear is right there, you're still looking for tracks. (Adagia 1.10.34)
01/13/year Nunquam efficies, ut recte ingrediantur cancri. There's no way you'll be able to make crabs walk straight. (Adagia 3.7.38)
01/14/year Asini caput ne laves nitro. Don't wash the donkey's head with soap. (Adagia 3.3.39)
01/15/year Suo iumento sibi malum accersit. He's fetching trouble for himself on his own beast. (Adagia 1.1.50)
01/16/year Asinum tondes. You're trying to shear a donkey. (Adagia 1.4.80)
01/17/year Aquila non captat muscas. An eagle doesn't catch flies. (Adagia 3.2.65)
01/18/year Digna canis pabulo. The dog is worthy of its food. (Adagia 2.6.3)
01/19/year Abiit et taurus in silvam. So the bull has gone off into the woods. (Adagia 1.1.43)
01/20/year Canis panes somnians. A dog, dreaming of bread. (Adagia 3.10.86)
01/21/year Sus lota in volutabro luti. The sow that was washed goes back to her mud wallow. (Adagia 4.3.62)
01/22/year Chamaeleonte mutabilior. More changeable than a chameleon. (Adagia 3.4.1)
01/23/year Ars multa vulpi, ast una echino maxima. The fox has many a trick, but the hedgehog has just one big trick. (Adagia 1.5.18)
01/24/year Malo asino vehitur. Being carried by a bad donkey. (Adagia 4.7.8)
01/25/year Tute lepus es, et pulpamentum quaeris. You yourself are a rabbit, and you're looking for meat. (Adagia 1.6.7)
01/26/year Noctua volat. The owl is flying. (Adagia 1.1.76)
01/27/year Ovem lupo commisisti. You've entrusted your sheep to a wolf. (Adagia 1.4.10)
01/28/year Tacitus pasci si posset corvus, haberet plus dapis. If the crow could feed quietly, he's had more to eat. (Adagia 4.1.94)
01/29/year Vulpinari cum vulpe oportet. You've got to outfox the fox. (Adagia 1.2.28)
01/30/year A lupi venatu. Coming from a wolf hunt. (Adagia 3.2.86)
01/31/year Lepus apparens, infortunatum facit iter. If a rabbit shows up, it makes the way unlucky. (Adagia 2.10.45)
02/01/year Gallus in suo sterquilinio plurimum potest. The rooster can do much as he pleases on his own dungheap. (Adagia 4.4.25)
02/02/year Epopa cum cycnis. The hoopoe in a contest with the swans. (Adagia 1.8.72)
02/03/year Lupi alas quaeris. You're looking for wings on a wolf. (Adagia 1.4.81)
02/04/year Scarabeus aquilam quaerit. The beetle is looking for the eagle. (Adagia 3.7.1)
02/05/year Cauda de vulpe testatur. The tail provides evidence of the fox. (Adagia 1.9.35)
02/06/year Rex aut asinus. A king, or a donkey. (Adagia 3.5.41)
02/07/year Lupus hiat. The wolf is gaping. (Adagia 2.3.58)
02/08/year Ubi cervi abiiciunt cornua. Where the stags cast away their horns. (Adagia 2.5.71)
02/09/year Non curat numerum lupus. The wolf doesn't care about the number of flock. (Adagia 2.4.99)
02/10/year Lepus pro carnibus. The rabbit is hunted for his meat. (Adagia 2.1.80)
02/11/year Canem excoriatam excorias. You're flaying a dog which has already been flayed. (Adagia 2.3.54)
02/12/year Nova hirundo veris est initium. The new swallow is the beginning of spring. (Adagia 1.6.59)
02/13/year Leonina societas. In the company of the lion. (Adagia 1.7.89)
02/14/year Non magis parcemus, quam lupis. We'll show them no more mercy than we would wolves. (Adagia 2.2.27)
02/15/year Canis ad cibum. Like a dog to food. (Adagia 4.6.92)
02/16/year Faenum habet in cornu; longe fuge. He's got hay on his horn; keep your distance. (Adagia 1.1.81)
02/17/year Ne caprea contra leonem. Don't let the goat challenge the lion. (Adagia 2.4.79)
02/18/year Morsus aspidis immedicabilis est. The bite of the asp cannot be cured. (Adagia 3.1.85)
02/19/year Veneri suem immolavit. He's sacrificed a pig to Aphrodite. (Adagia 3.1.30)
02/20/year Catellae dominas imitantes. The lapdogs imitate their ladies. (Adagia 2.6.13)
02/21/year Ne contra bovem opta. Don't hope against your ox. (Adagia 2.9.83)
02/22/year Celerius elephanti pariunt. Elephants give birth faster than that. (Adagia 1.9.11)
02/23/year Asinus ad tibiam. The donkey listening to a flute. (Adagia 4.1.47)
02/24/year Piscis primum a capite foetet. The fish starts to stink from the head. (Adagia 4.2.97)
02/25/year Mustelae pingue . You're giving fat to a weasel. (Adagia 1.4.11)
02/26/year Lupus aquilam fugit. The wolf flees from the eagle. (Adagia 2.7.78)
02/27/year Lusciniae deest cantio. The nightingale has lost her song. (Adagia 3.6.77)
02/28/year Talpa caecior. More blind than a mole. (Adagia 1.3.55)
02/29/year Piscis eget sale. As if the fish needed salt. (Adagia 4.8.63)
03/01/year Hinnulus leonem. The fawn is provoking the lion. (Adagia 1.3.49)
03/02/year Vulturis umbra. The vulture's shadow. (Adagia 2.7.83)
03/03/year Prius quam gallus iterum cecinerit. Before the rooster crows again. (Adagia 3.7.66)
03/04/year Ranae aquam ministras. You're serving water to a frog. (Adagia 3.6.16)
03/05/year Asinus balneatoris. The bathkeeper's donkey. (Adagia 4.4.50)
03/06/year Duos insequens lepores, neutrum capit. By chasing two rabbits, he catches neither. (Adagia 3.3.36)
03/07/year Prius locusta bovem pariet. Sooner than a lobster will give birth to a bull. (Adagia 2.1.89)
03/08/year Vulpi esurienti somnus obrepit. Sleep creeps up on the hungry fox. (Adagia 2.6.55)
03/09/year Cicada vocalior. Noisier than a cricket. (Adagia 1.9.100)
03/10/year In capras silvestres. To the wild goats. (Adagia 3.2.78)
03/11/year De asini umbra libet audire. You're glad to listen to a story about a donkey's shadow. (Adagia 1.3.52)
03/12/year Cancer leporem capit. The crab catches up with the rabbit. (Adagia 2.4.78)
03/13/year Camelus vel scabiosa complurium asinorum gestat onera. Even a mangy camel can bear the loads of many donkeys. (Adagia 1.9.58)
03/14/year Canis in vincula. A dog on a chain. (Adagia 2.7.67)
03/15/year Una domus non alit duos canes. One house can't raise two dogs. (Adagia 2.2.24)
03/16/year Corvi lusciniis honoratiores. The crows are more honored than the nightingales. (Adagia 4.3.8)
03/17/year Asinus inter apes. A donkey among the bees. (Adagia 1.5.42)
03/18/year Afra avis. A bird out of Africa. (Adagia 3.7.11)
03/19/year Equus me portat, alit rex. The horse carries me, the king feeds me. (Adagia 1.7.20)
03/20/year Cum cane simul et lorum. The dog together with the leash. (Adagia 4.3.26)
03/21/year Psaphonis aves. The birds of Psapho. (Adagia 1.2.100)
03/22/year Asinus apud Cumanos. The donkey in Cumae. (Adagia 1.7.12)
03/23/year Asinus stramenta mavult quam aurum. The donkey prefers straw to gold. (Adagia 4.8.38)
03/24/year Asino fabulam. A story told to a donkey. (Adagia 4.7.36)
03/25/year Neque mel, neque apes. Neither honey, nor bees. (Adagia 1.6.62)
03/26/year Iupiter aquilam delegit. Jupiter has chosen the eagle. (Adagia 4.2.89)
03/27/year Bos apud acervum. An ox at the grain heap. (Adagia 3.2.53)
03/28/year Rara avis. A rare bird. (Adagia 2.1.21)
03/29/year Sus cum Minerva certamen suscepit. A pig has entered into a contest with Minerva. (Adagia 1.1.41)
03/30/year Aquilam cornix provocat. The crow is provoking the eagle to a fight. (Adagia 3.3.18)
03/31/year Alia voce psittacus, alia coturnix loquitur. The parrot speaks with one voice, the quail has another. (Adagia 2.5.59)
04/01/year Apros immittere fontibus. To let the boars into the water fountains. (Adagia 4.2.19)
04/02/year Ibyci grues. The cranes of Ibycus. (Adagia 1.9.22)
04/03/year Anguillas captare. Catching eels. (Adagia 3.6.79)
04/04/year Pica cum luscinia . The magpie in a contest with the nightingale. (Adagia 1.8.72)
04/05/year Ut canis e Nilo. Like a dog drinking from the Nile. (Adagia 1.9.80)
04/06/year Ab asino lanam quaeris. You're trying to get wool from a donkey. (Adagia 1.4.79)
04/07/year Vulpes bovem agit. The fox is driving the ox. (Adagia 2.6.28)
04/08/year Murem ostendit pro leone. He presents a mouse instead of a lion. (Adagia 3.1.20)
04/09/year Qui canem alit peregrinum, huic praeter funiculum nihil fit reliqui. He who feeds a stray dog is left with nothing but the leash. (Adagia 3.3.46)
04/10/year Camelus saltat. The camel is dancing. (Adagia 2.7.66)
04/11/year Minus de istis laboro, quam de ranis palustribus. I worry no more about them than about frogs in the swamp. (Adagia 3.1.76)
04/12/year Agninis lactibus alligare canem. To tie up a dog with lamb guts. (Adagia 4.9.94)
04/13/year Sub omni lapide scorpius dormit. Under every rock sleeps a scorpion. (Adagia 1.4.34)
04/14/year Leporis vita. It's a rabbit's life. (Adagia 4.3.78)
04/15/year Simia simia est, etiam si aurea gestet insignia. A monkey is a monkey, even if it's wearing gold medals. (Adagia 1.7.11)
04/16/year A fronte praecipitium, a tergo lupi. A cliff ahead, wolves behind. (Adagia 3.4.94)
04/17/year Equi senecta. The old age of the horse. (Adagia 2.1.32)
04/18/year Cani das paleas, asino ossa. You're giving straw to the dog, and bones to the donkey. (Adagia 3.5.14)
04/19/year Caudae pilos equinae paulatim vellere. Plucking the hairs of a horse's tail, one by one. (Adagia 1.8.95)
04/20/year Arietis ministerium. A ram's service. (Adagia 4.6.87)
04/21/year Ex ore lupi. From out of the mouth of the wolf. (Adagia 2.7.63)
04/22/year Turture loquacior. More talkative than a turtle-dove. (Adagia 1.5.30)
04/23/year Quam apes apum similes. As similar as one bee to another. (Adagia 1.5.13)
04/24/year Canis festinans caecos parit catulos. The dog, giving birth in a hurry, has blind puppies. (Adagia 2.2.35)
04/25/year Cicada cicadae cara, formicae formica. One cricket loves another; one ant loves another. (Adagia 1.2.24)
04/26/year Primum abigendas apes, deinde ac mel subtrahendum. You've got to drive the bees away before you can steal the honey. (Adagia 4.9.7)
04/27/year Bestia bestiam novit. One beast knows another. (Adagia 4.7.57)
04/28/year Leonem stimulas. You're rousing the lion. (Adagia 1.1.61)
04/29/year Lac gallinaceum. Hen's milk. (Adagia 1.6.3)
04/30/year Camelus desiderans cornua, etiam aures perdidit. Hoping for horns, the camel lost its ears, too. (Adagia 3.5.8)
05/01/year Cornutam bestiam petis. You're attacking an animal that has horns. (Adagia 1.1.82)
05/02/year In laqueos lupus. The wolf into the snare. (Adagia 1.10.16)
05/03/year Bos lassus fortius figit pedem. The ox, when tired, fixes his hoof more firmly. (Adagia 1.1.47)
05/04/year Anus simia sero quidem capitur. The old monkey is caught, although it may take time. (Adagia 2.5.14)
05/05/year Inter indoctos etiam corydus sonat. Among the untrained, even the lark sings its song. (Adagia 2.2.92)
05/06/year Quam facile vulpes pirum comest. As easily as a fox eats a pear. (Adagia 3.5.70)
05/07/year E squilla non nascitur rosa. A rose is not born from a shrimp. (Adagia 2.3.93)
05/08/year Solidos e clibano boves. They eat oxen whole from the oven. (Adagia 3.1.9)
05/09/year Pulchre fallis vulpem. You're fooling the fox very nicely. (Adagia 4.5.22)
05/10/year Echino asperior. More prickly than a hedgehog. (Adagia 2.4.81)
05/11/year Leonis vestigia quaerere. Looking for the lion's tracks. (Adagia 4.1.60)
05/12/year Arenearum telas texis. You're weaving spider webs. (Adagia 1.4.47)
05/13/year Mustelam habes. You've got a weasel. (Adagia 1.2.73)
05/14/year Sedens columba. A sitting dove. (Adagia 3.5.78)
05/15/year Ut lupus ovem amat. As the wolf loves the sheep. (Adagia 4.7.91)
05/16/year Locrensis bos. A Locrian ox. (Adagia 2.8.62)
05/17/year Cancros lepori comparas. You're comparing crabs to a rabbit. (Adagia 1.8.85)
05/18/year Ipsi testudines edite, qui cepistis. You who caught the turtles better eat them. (Adagia 1.1.87)
05/19/year Equo senescenti minora admove. Load less on the old horse. (Adagia 2.8.52)
05/20/year Tineas pasces. You're going to feed the moths. (Adagia 2.8.96)
05/21/year Scarabaei umbrae. Beetle shadows. (Adagia 3.2.45)
05/22/year Bonis avibus. With good birds/omens. (Adagia 1.1.75)
05/23/year Irritas crabrones. You're stirring up the hornets. (Adagia 1.1.60)
05/24/year Asinum in rupes protrudit. He's pushing his donkey to the edge of the cliff. (Adagia 4.1.76)
05/25/year Bovem in faucibus portat. He's carrying an ox in his jaws. (Adagia 2.3.10)
05/26/year Asini cauda non facit cribrum. You can't use a donkey's tail to make a siege. (Adagia 4.2.56)
05/27/year Habet et musca splenem. Even the fly has its spleen. (Adagia 3.5.7)
05/28/year Mitior columba. More gentle than a dove. (Adagia 3.6.48)
05/29/year Lupus circum puteum chorum agit. The wolf is dancing around the rim of the well. (Adagia 2.2.76)
05/30/year Asinus in unguento. A donkey in lotion. (Adagia 1.5.43)
05/31/year Ne musca quidem. Not so much as a fly. (Adagia 2.1.84)
06/01/year Volentem bovem ducito. Lead the ox when it is willing. (Adagia 4.1.27)
06/02/year Culicem elephanti conferre. To compare a gnat to an elephant. (Adagia 3.1.27)
06/03/year Asinus asino et sus sui pulcher. One donkey thinks another is lovely, as one pig does another. (Adagia 4.10.64)
06/04/year Canis in praesepi. The dog in the manger. (Adagia 1.10.13)
06/05/year Cum mula pepererit. When the mule gives birth. (Adagia 1.5.83)
06/06/year Ab asinis ad boves transcendere. To go from donkeys to oxen. (Adagia 1.7.30)
06/07/year Magis mutus quam pisces. Quieter than fish. (Adagia 1.5.29)
06/08/year Citius quam formicae papaver. Faster than an ant carries off a poppy-seed. (Adagia 5.1.2)
06/09/year Scarabeo citius persuaseris. You'd sooner convert a beetle. (Adagia 4.8.94)
06/10/year Una hirundo non facit ver. One swallow does not make a summer. (Adagia 1.7.94)
06/11/year Boni pastoris est, tondere pecus, non deglubere. It's the task of a good shepherd to shear his flock, not to flay them. (Adagia 3.7.12)
06/12/year Lupus pilum mutat, non mentem. The wolf may change his coat, but not his character. (Adagia 3.3.19)
06/13/year Canina facundia. A dog's eloquence. (Adagia 2.4.34)
06/14/year Elephantum ex musca facis. You're making an elephant out of a fly. (Adagia 1.9.69)
06/15/year Testudinem Pegaso comparas. You're comparing a turtle to Pegasus. (Adagia 1.8.76)
06/16/year Capra contra sese cornua. The goat's own horn is used against itself. (Adagia 1.1.66)
06/17/year Asini mortes. The deaths of the donkey. (Adagia 3.2.58)
06/18/year Lupi illum priores viderunt. The wolves saw him first. (Adagia 1.7.86)
06/19/year Aliter catuli longe olent, aliter sues. Puppies smell one way, and pigs another way entirely. (Adagia 1.8.77)
06/20/year Tunc canent cygni, cum tacebunt graculi. When the jackdaws fall silent, the swans will sing. (Adagia 3.3.97)
06/21/year Aspis a vipera. The asp borrows from the viper. (Adagia 4.5.43)
06/22/year Piscem natare doces. You're teaching a fish to swim. (Adagia 3.6.19)
06/23/year Mus non ingrediens antrum, cucurbitam ferebat. The mouse couldn't get into its hole because it was carrying a pumpkin. (Adagia 3.3.79)
06/24/year Cicadae apem comparas. You're comparing a bee to a cricket. (Adagia 1.8.75)
06/25/year Asinus inter simias. A donkey amidst the apes. (Adagia 1.5.41)
06/26/year Aves quaeris. You're chasing birds. (Adagia 3.3.44)
06/27/year Aut formica aut camelus. An ant or a camel. (Adagia 1.5.47)
06/28/year Phoenice vivacior. More lively than a phoenix. (Adagia 2.1.57)
06/29/year Lupus in fabula. Speak of the wolf. (Adagia 3.8.56)
06/30/year Capra Scyria. A goat from Scyros. (Adagia 1.10.20)
07/01/year Graculus inter Musas. A jackdaw among the Muses. (Adagia 1.7.22)
07/02/year Capra gladium. The goat found a sword. (Adagia 1.1.57)
07/03/year Suadere lupis ut insaniant. They're urging the wolves to act cruelly. (Adagia 4.4.15)
07/04/year Simia non capitur laqueo. A monkey is not caught in a snare. (Adagia 1.10.31)
07/05/year Domi pugnans more galli. A fighting spirit when at home, like a rooster. (Adagia 4.8.75)
07/06/year Aquilam testudo vincit. The turtle beats the eagle. (Adagia 1.7.68)
07/07/year Caninum prandium. Dog's fare. (Adagia 1.10.39)
07/08/year Equum habet Seianum. He's got the horse of Sejanus. (Adagia 1.10.97)
07/09/year Usus ovium nullus, ubi pastor deest. The flock is no good without a shepherd. (Adagia 2.7.26)
07/10/year Serpentis oculus. The eye of a snake. (Adagia 1.9.96)
07/11/year Carpathius leporem. The Carpathian and the rabbit. (Adagia 2.1.81)
07/12/year Capra ad festum. The goat at the festival. (Adagia 3.10.77)
07/13/year Mus picem gustans. The mouse is nibbling the pitch. (Adagia 2.3.68)
07/14/year Semper graculus adsidet graculo. One jackdaw always sits next to another. (Adagia 1.2.23)
07/15/year Suem irritat. He's provoking the boar. (Adagia 2.7.100)
07/16/year Sus per rosas. A pig through the roses. (Adagia 3.7.23)
07/17/year Capram portare non possum, et imponitis bovem. I can't carry a goat, and you're loading me with an ox. (Adagia 2.7.96)
07/18/year Citius elephantum sub ala celes. You'd more quickly hide an elephant under your arm. (Adagia 2.5.56)
07/19/year Lepus dormiens. A sleeping hare. (Adagia 1.10.57)
07/20/year Senescit bos. The ox gets old. (Adagia 3.4.22)
07/21/year rRxatur de lana caprina. They're quarreling about the wool of a goat. (Adagia 1.3.53)
07/22/year Tantum sit agrorum, quantum non milvus oberret. As wide an expanse of fields such as not even a hawk could traverse. (Adagia 3.6.5)
07/23/year Sus Minervam docet. A pig is teaching Minerva. (Adagia 1.1.40)
07/24/year Tauricum tueri. To look at someone with bull's eyes. (Adagia 3.7.47)
07/25/year Athos celat latera Lemniae bovis. Mount Athos hides the flanks of the great bull of Lemnos. (Adagia 3.2.90)
07/26/year Catella Melitaea. A Maltese lapdog. (Adagia 3.3.71)
07/27/year Hercules et simia. Hercules and a monkey. (Adagia 3.5.9)
07/28/year Aquilam volare doces. You're teaching an eagle to fly. (Adagia 1.4.98)
07/29/year Ne bestiae quidem ferre possent. Not even beasts would be able to bear it. (Adagia 4.9.40)
07/30/year Cicadae sibi canent. The crickets will sing to themselves. (Adagia 5.1.75)
07/31/year Delphinum cauda ligas. You're trying to tie a dolphin by the tail. (Adagia 1.4.93)
08/01/year Vulpes haud corrumpitur muneribus. The fox is not bought off with gifts. (Adagia 1.10.18)
08/02/year Polypi mentem obtine. Have a mind like an octopus. (Adagia 1.1.93)
08/03/year In puteo cum canibus pugnas. You're fighting with dogs in a well. (Adagia 1.10.36)
08/04/year Plaustrum bovem trahit. The cart is pulling the ox. (Adagia 1.7.28)
08/05/year Prius lupus ovem ducat uxorem. Sooner than a wolf will marry a sheep. (Adagia 3.7.36)
08/06/year Fumantem nasum ursi ne tentaveris. Don't provoke the bear's smoking nostril. (Adagia 3.5.67)
08/07/year Bos sub iugum. An ox goes under the yoke. (Adagia 2.6.74)
08/08/year Leonem radere. To shave the lion. (Adagia 2.5.11)
08/09/year Coturnix Herculem. A quail saved Hercules. (Adagia 1.1.71)
08/10/year Cygnea cantio. The swan's song. (Adagia 1.2.55)
08/11/year Indus elephantus haud curat culicem. The Indian elephant doesn't worry about a gnat. (Adagia 1.10.66)
08/12/year Rana gyrina sapientior. The frog is wiser than the tadpole. (Adagia 2.1.34)
08/13/year Catulus leonem allatrans. A puppy trying to bark louder than a lion. (Adagia 1.8.71)
08/14/year Nihil ad Parmenonis suem. Nothing like Parmeno's pig. (Adagia 1.1.10)
08/15/year Optat ephippia bos piger, optat arare caballus. The lazy ox wants to wear horse-trappings; the horse wants to plow. (Adagia 1.6.71)
08/16/year Albae gallinae filius. The son of a white hen. (Adagia 1.1.78)
08/17/year Ovium mores. Sheep's habits. (Adagia 3.1.95)
08/18/year Annosa vulpes haud capitur laqueo. The old fox is not caught in the snare. (Adagia 1.10.17)
08/19/year Bos adversus se ipsum pulverem movet. The ox stirs up the dust in its own face. (Adagia 2.5.78)
08/20/year Canis peccatum sus dependit. The pig pays for the crime of the dog. (Adagia 3.3.99)
08/21/year Nihil graculo cum fidibus. The jackdaw has nothing to do with a lyre. (Adagia 1.4.37)
08/22/year Cyprio bovi merenda. A meal fit for a Cyprian bull. (Adagia 1.10.96)
08/23/year Corvum delusit hiantem. The crow was fooled, his mouth agape. (Adagia 1.7.15)
08/24/year Mutuum muli scabunt. One mule scratches another. (Adagia 1.7.96)
08/25/year Bos in lingua incedit. An ox is walking on his tongue. (Adagia 1.7.18)
08/26/year Bubo canit lusciniae. The owl is singing to the nightingale. (Adagia 4.4.12)
08/27/year Congregas cum leonibus vulpes. You're trying to herd foxes with lions. (Adagia 1.9.19)
08/28/year Delphinum silvis appingit, fluctibus aprum. He's painted a dolphin in the woods, and a boar in the waves. (Adagia 2.4.77)
08/29/year E tardigradis asinis equus prodiit. The horse comes forth from the slow-moving donkeys. (Adagia 2.8.47)
08/30/year Leonem larva terres. You're trying to scare a lion with a mask. (Adagia 1.6.40)
08/31/year Leonis exuvium super crocoton. A lion skin over an evening gown. (Adagia 3.5.98)
09/01/year Arietem emittit. He's sending out a ram. (Adagia 2.3.12)
09/02/year Sus sub fustem. The pig goes under the club. (Adagia 2.8.3)
09/03/year Non nostrum onus: bos clitellas? The burden is not ours: an ox carrying pack saddles? (Adagia 2.9.84)
09/04/year Furemque fur cognoscit, et lupum lupus. Thief knows thief, wolf knows wolf. (Adagia 2.3.63)
09/05/year Vulpes non iterum capitur laqueo. The fox is not caught in the snare a second time. (Adagia 2.5.22)
09/06/year Asinus in paleas. A donkey happened into the straw. (Adagia 2.5.58)
09/07/year Piscis nequam est, nisi recens. A fish is no good, unless it's fresh. (Adagia 4.1.74)
09/08/year Aquilam noctuae comparas. You're comparing an eagle to an owl. (Adagia 1.9.18)
09/09/year Asinus compluitur. The donkey is getting rained on. (Adagia 3.2.59)
09/10/year Asinos non curo. I don't have to worry about donkeys. (Adagia 4.3.43)
09/11/year Hydrus in dolio. There's a snake in the jar. (Adagia 3.10.98)
09/12/year Canis circum intestina. A dog running around the guts. (Adagia 2.4.24)
09/13/year Tam sanus es, quam piscis. You're healthy as a fish. (Adagia 4.4.93)
09/14/year Magis varius quam hydra. More variable than a water-serpent. (Adagia 1.1.95)
09/15/year Malis avibus. With bad birds/omens. (Adagia 1.1.75)
09/16/year Totus echinus asper. The whole hedgehog is prickly. (Adagia 2.9.59)
09/17/year Pegaso velocior. Faster than Pegasus. (Adagia 4.2.46)
09/18/year Prius testudo leporem praeverterit. Sooner than the tortoise outraces the hare. (Adagia 1.8.84)
09/19/year Grues lapidem deglutientes. Cranes keeping a stone in their beaks. (Adagia 3.6.68)
09/20/year Ululas Athenas. You're carrying owls to Athens. (Adagia 1.2.11)
09/21/year Placide bos incedit . The ox walks at a steady pace. (Adagia 2.1.3)
09/22/year Multi qui boves stimulent, pauci aratores. Many are those who drive the oxen, but few are the real ploughmen. (Adagia 1.7.9)
09/23/year Oportet testudinis carnes aut edere, aut non edere. You've got to either eat the turtle meat, or not eat it. (Adagia 1.10.60)
09/24/year Si leonina pellis non satis est, vulpina addenda. If the lion skin is not enough, add the fox skin too. (Adagia 3.5.81)
09/25/year Bos ad praesepe. The ox at the manger. (Adagia 2.1.39)
09/26/year Utere curru, de asinis nihil laborans. Make use of the cart; don't worry yourself about the donkeys. (Adagia 3.7.7)
09/27/year Etiam si lupi meminisses, intervenisset. If you so much as think of the wolf, he'll turn up. (Adagia 2.8.6)
09/28/year Induitis me leonis exuvium. You're clothing me in the lion's skin. (Adagia 1.3.66)
09/29/year Invitos boves plaustro inducere. To make the cart go with unwilling oxen. (Adagia 1.7.66)
09/30/year Litem moves de asini prospectu. You're making a lawsuit out of the peeping of a donkey. (Adagia 1.3.64)
10/01/year Echinus partum differt. The hedgehog delays giving birth. (Adagia 2.4.82)
10/02/year Iungis vulpes. You're trying to yoke foxes to the plough. (Adagia 1.3.50)
10/03/year Asinus esuriens fustem negligit. The hungry donkey ignores a beating. (Adagia 2.7.48)
10/04/year Bos in stabulo. Ox in the stable. (Adagia 4.6.91)
10/05/year Tragica simia. A monkey dressed for the stage. (Adagia 2.8.95)
10/06/year Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. The mountains give birth; a ridiculous mouse will be born. (Adagia 1.9.14)
10/07/year Toto devorato bove, in cauda defecit. Having eaten the whole ox, he gave up at the tail. (Adagia 3.3.68)
10/08/year Testudinem equus insequitur. The horse is chasing the turtle. (Adagia 4.4.68)
10/09/year Gallus insilit. The rooster leaps up. (Adagia 3.3.22)
10/10/year Cornicum oculos configere. To put out the eyes of the crow. (Adagia 1.3.75)
10/11/year Quanto asinis praestantiores muli. As mules are superior to donkeys. (Adagia 3.1.55)
10/12/year Lupo agnum eripere postulant. They're hoping to snatch the lamb from the wolf. (Adagia 2.7.80)
10/13/year Mustelae crocoton. Like a wedding dress for a weasel. (Adagia 1.2.72)
10/14/year Taurum tollet, qui vitulum sustulerit. He'll be able to carry the bull if he lifted the calf. (Adagia 1.2.51)
10/15/year Crocodili lachrimae. Crocodile tears. (Adagia 2.4.60)
10/16/year Nec elephantus ebiberet. Not even an elephant could drink it up. (Adagia 4.6.62)
10/17/year Corvus albus. A white crow. (Adagia 4.7.35)
10/18/year Ab equis ad asinos. From horses to donkeys. (Adagia 1.7.29)
10/19/year Senecta leonis praestantior hinnulorum iuventa. The old age of a lion is better than the youth of the fawns. (Adagia 2.10.99)
10/20/year Midas auriculas asini. Midas has the ears of a donkey. (Adagia 1.3.67)
10/21/year Qui inspuerit in agmen formicarum, huic intumescant labra. He who spits in the anthill gets swollen lips. (Adagia 4.6.80)
10/22/year Canis mendico auxilians. A dog helping the beggar. (Adagia 4.2.88)
10/23/year Leonem ex unguibus. You can tell a lion by its claws. (Adagia 1.9.34)
10/24/year Noctua inter cornices. An owl amongst the crows. (Adagia 1.5.41)
10/25/year Suo ipsius indicio periit sorex. The shrew-mouse perished by its own testimony. (Adagia 1.3.65)
10/26/year Ranis vinum praeministras. You're serving wine to frogs. (Adagia 2.3.20)
10/27/year Canis reversus ad vomitum. The dog has gone back to its vomit. (Adagia 3.5.13)
10/28/year Nisi si qua vidit avis. Not unless a little bird saw it. (Adagia 2.2.28)
10/29/year Asinus ad lyram. Like a donkey to the lyre. (Adagia 1.4.35)
10/30/year Scarabeus citius faciet mel. Faster than a beetle can make honey. (Adagia 4.8.17)
10/31/year In pulicis morsu deum invocat. He prays to god when he's bitten by a flea. (Adagia 3.4.4)
11/01/year Canis saevit in lapidem. The dog gets angry at the stone. (Adagia 4.2.22)
11/02/year Mus non uni fidit antro. A mouse cannot entrust itself to just one hole. (Adagia 5.1.4)
11/03/year Bove venari leporem. To hunt a rabbit with an ox. (Adagia 4.4.44)
11/04/year Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas. The judgment absolves the crows and troubles the doves. (Adagia 3.5.73)
11/05/year Pro perca scorpium. In place of a fish, a scorpion. (Adagia 2.6.6)
11/06/year Cicadam ala corripuisti. You've grabbed a cricket by the wing. (Adagia 1.9.28)
11/07/year Corvus serpentem. The crow found a snake. (Adagia 4.1.79)
11/08/year Asinus portans mysteria. The donkey carrying the icons. (Adagia 2.2.4)
11/09/year Phoenice rarior. More rare than a phoenix. (Adagia 2.7.10)
11/10/year Si vultur es, cadaver expecta. If you're a vulture, wait for the corpse. (Adagia 1.7.14)
11/11/year In saltu uno duos apros capere. To catch two boars in one leap. (Adagia 3.6.63)
11/12/year Capra nondum peperit, haedus autem ludit in tectis. The goat hasn't given birth yet, but the kid is already playing on the rooftops. (Adagia 2.6.10)
11/13/year Sine canibus et retibus. Without dogs or nets. (Adagia 4.8.78)
11/14/year Piscis repositus. The fish that was set aside. (Adagia 1.2.98)
11/15/year Vespa cicadae obstrepens. A wasp trying to drown out a cricket. (Adagia 1.8.71)
11/16/year Homo homini lupus. Man is a wolf to man. (Adagia 1.1.70)
11/17/year Lupus ante clamorem festinat. The wolf hurries away before a shout is raised. (Adagia 2.7.79)
11/18/year Sus acina dependet. The pig pays the price for eating the grapes. (Adagia 3.4.23)
11/19/year Aesopicus graculus. Aesop's jackdaw. (Adagia 3.6.91)
11/20/year Asinum sub freno currere doces. You're teaching a donkey to run with a bridle. (Adagia 1.4.40)
11/21/year Minervae felem. You're comparing a cat to Minerva. (Adagia 1.10.22)
11/22/year Equis albis praecedere. To proceed with white horses. (Adagia 1.4.21)
11/23/year Aries alituram rependit. So the ram repays the cost of its feeding. (Adagia 2.5.92)
11/24/year Cauda tenes anguillam. You're trying to hold an eel by the tail. (Adagia 1.4.94)
11/25/year Abi ad corvos. Go to the crows. (Adagia 2.1.96)
11/26/year Elephantus non capit murem. An elephant doesn't chase mice. (Adagia 1.9.70)
11/27/year Sus tubam audivit. The pig listened to the trumpet. (Adagia 1.4.36)
11/28/year Cancrum ingredi doces. You're trying to teach a crab to walk straight. (Adagia 3.7.98)
11/29/year Turdus ipse sibi malum cacat. The thrush himself excretes his own trouble. (Adagia 1.1.55)
11/30/year Canes timidi vehementius latrant. Dogs that are scared bark more loudly. (Adagia 3.7.100)
12/01/year Culicem colant, camelum deglutientes. They strain out a gnat, and swallow a camel. (Adagia 3.10.91)
12/02/year Quid cani et balneo? What good is a dog in a bathhouse? (Adagia 1.4.39)
12/03/year Quam curat testudo muscam. As much as a turtle worries about a fly. (Adagia 2.8.100)
12/04/year Rana Seriphia. A frog from Serpiphos. (Adagia 1.5.31)
12/05/year Aliud noctua sonat, aliud cornix. The owl makes one sound, the crow another. (Adagia 3.2.74)
12/06/year Octipedem excitas. You're rousing the eight-legged scorpion. (Adagia 1.1.63)
12/07/year In apes irruisti. You've rushed headlong into the bees. (Adagia 2.10.73)
12/08/year Prius duo echini amicitiam ineant. Sooner than the two hedgehogs will become friends. (Adagia 2.4.83)
12/09/year Vel muscas metuit praetervolitantes. He's scared even of flies that flutter by. (Adagia 1.5.66)
12/10/year Invitis canibus venari. To hunt with unwilling dogs. (Adagia 1.7.65)
12/11/year Litem movebit, si vel asinus canem momorderit. He'll file a lawsuit even if a donkey has so much as bitten a dog. (Adagia 1.8.98)
12/12/year Non missura cutem, nisi plena cruoris hirudo. The leech won't let go of your skin until it's full of blood. (Adagia 2.4.84)
12/13/year Senex bos non lugetur. The old ox is not wept for. (Adagia 2.9.16)
12/14/year Leonis catulum ne alas. Don't raise a lion cub. (Adagia 2.3.77)
12/15/year Virum improbum vel mus mordeat. Even a mouse will bite a wicked man. (Adagia 1.8.96)
12/16/year Boves messis tempus exspectantes. The oxen, waiting for the harvest time. (Adagia 3.2.51)
12/17/year E cantu dignoscitur avis. You know the bird by its song. (Adagia 4.2.21)
12/18/year In pace leones. Lions in time of peace. (Adagia 4.5.80)
12/19/year Leo cordula vinctus. The lion is bound with a little rope. (Adagia 4.5.73)
12/20/year Colubrum in sinu foves. You're nourishing a snake close to your breast. (Adagia 4.2.40)
12/21/year Decipula murem cepit. The trap caught the mouse. (Adagia 3.4.92)
12/22/year Exspectat bos aliquando herbam. The ox hopes for grass to eat, sooner or later. (Adagia 3.4.80)
12/23/year Mortuo leoni et lepores insultant. Even rabbits insult the dead lion. (Adagia 4.7.82)
12/24/year Cornix scorpium. The crow grabbed a scorpion. (Adagia 1.1.58)
12/25/year Pro malo cane suem reposcis. You're claiming a pig in exchange for a bad dog. (Adagia 3.6.12)
12/26/year Mali corvi malum ovum. The bad egg of a bad crow. (Adagia 1.9.25)
12/27/year Polypi caput. The head of an octopus. (Adagia 1.10.99)
12/28/year Simia in purpura. A monkey in royal robes. (Adagia 1.7.10)
12/29/year Vel capra mordeat nocentem. Even a goat will bite a criminal. (Adagia 1.8.97)
12/30/year Domi leones, sed foris vulpeculae. At home they are lions, but foxes when away. (Adagia 4.5.80)
12/31/year Alere luporum catulos. To raise wolf cubs. (Adagia 2.1.86)