01/01/year A candle lights others and consumes itself.
01/02/year In every country the sun rises in the morning.
01/03/year Borrowing is sorrowing.
01/04/year The used key is always bright.
01/05/year The burnt child dreads the fire.
01/06/year Look which way the cat jumps!
01/07/year Where love is, there's no lack.
01/08/year Small leaks sink big ships.
01/09/year In the coldest flint, there is hot fire.
01/10/year The boughs that bear most, hang lowest.
01/11/year Who knows not how to swim, sinks to the bottom.
01/12/year Either mend or end.
01/13/year In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.
01/14/year He that gropes in the dark finds that he would not.
01/15/year Better an open enemy than a false friend.
01/16/year In Golgotha there are skulls of all sizes.
01/17/year In the night how easy is a bush supposed a bear.
01/18/year The cat would eat fish but dare not wet her feet.
01/19/year In trust is treason.
01/20/year Come uncalled, sit unserved.
01/21/year Into the mouth of a bad dog often falls a good bone.
01/22/year Each bird loves to hear himself sing.
01/23/year It will come in an hour that will not come in a year.
01/24/year They who begin many things, finish but few.
01/25/year He that handles a nettle tenderly is soonest stung.
01/26/year Every heart has its own ache.
01/27/year Too much water drowns the miller.
01/28/year He who greases his wheels helps his oxen.
01/29/year Every beggar is descended from some king, and every king is descended from some beggar.
01/30/year The evening crowns the day.
01/31/year A man who never makes mistakes never makes anything.
02/01/year Fire and water are good servants, but bad masters.
02/02/year In every country, dogs bite.
02/03/year The sea has fish for every man.
02/04/year It is a silly goose that comes to the fox's sermon.
02/05/year Tread on a worm and it will turn.
02/06/year Feather by feather, the goose is plucked.
02/07/year To climb the ladder, begin at the bottom.
02/08/year Four and twenty tailors cannot make a man.
02/09/year He that handles thorns thorns shall prick his fingers.
02/10/year It is too late to spare when all is spent.
02/11/year Don't burn your house to warm your hands.
02/12/year The trap that wishes to catch a mouse should never smell of blood.
02/13/year Foul water will quench a fire as soon as fair.
02/14/year Let not your tongue cut your own throat.
02/15/year Travel makes a wise man better, but a fool worse.
02/16/year Trust not a new friend nor an old enemy.
02/17/year It is hard striving against a stream.
02/18/year If your head is wax, don't walk in the sun.
02/19/year God reaches us good things by our own hands.
02/20/year A liar must have a good memory.
02/21/year Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it.
02/22/year Health is better than wealth.
02/23/year Little and often fills the purse.
02/24/year Bitten by a serpent, afraid of a rope.
02/25/year Let your purse be your master.
02/26/year Great thieves hang little ones.
02/27/year Lie you for me, and I'll swear for you.
02/28/year He that has but one eye must be afraid to lose it.
02/29/year Haste trips up its own heels.
03/01/year Little dogs have long tails.
03/02/year The fox may grow grey, but never good.
03/03/year A bully is always a coward.
03/04/year Half the truth is often a great lie.
03/05/year Longest at the fire soonest finds cold.
03/06/year Hear and see and say but little.
03/07/year When your hand is in the lion's mouth, you must take it out as well as you can.
03/08/year Little fish are sweet.
03/09/year High places have their precipices.
03/10/year Many things are lost for want of asking.
03/11/year The frog in the well knows nothing of the ocean.
03/12/year If you have no money you need no purse.
03/13/year The goat must graze where she is tied.
03/14/year A good miller knows how to grind whichever way the wind blows.
03/15/year If you shipped with the devil, you must sail with the devil.
03/16/year Love is sweet at the beginning but sour in the ending.
03/17/year Who hath once the fame to be an early riser may sleep till noon.
03/18/year Sparks have their heat and flies their spleen.
03/19/year Love your neighbor, but don't pull down your hedge.
03/20/year There is a scorpion under every stone.
03/21/year Make no fire, raise no smoke.
03/22/year Who has spice enough may season his meat as he pleases.
03/23/year It is good to have some friends in both heaven and hell.
03/24/year He has feathered his nest, he may fly when he will.
03/25/year He sits not sure who sits too high.
03/26/year It is a foolish sheep that makes the wolf his confessor.
03/27/year Hold fast when you have it.
03/28/year Who burns most shines most.
03/29/year Daub yourself with honey and you'll be covered with flies.
03/30/year They that deal in dirt have foul fingers.
03/31/year I've got a wolf by the ears; I can neither hold him nor let him go.
04/01/year Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.
04/02/year Who eats the king's goose shall be choked with the feathers.
04/03/year The last drop makes the cup run over.
04/04/year He had a finger in the pie when he burnt his nail off.
04/05/year They that hide can find.
04/06/year One barking dog sets all the street a-barking.
04/07/year Hope well and have well.
04/08/year A wise man by day is no fool by night.
04/09/year Who fears the gallows shall never be a good thief.
04/10/year As near as bark to tree.
04/11/year Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
04/12/year He that's born to be hanged will never be drowned.
04/13/year The wolf doesn't count the sheep.
04/14/year Bad meat never made good soup.
04/15/year A busy man is tempted by but one devil; an idle man, by many
04/16/year Life is sweet, hunger sharp.
04/17/year If fools went not to market, bad wares would not be sold.
04/18/year A lie has short legs but a scandal has wings.
04/19/year Who died half a year ago is as dead as Adam.
04/20/year More grows in the garden than the gardener ever sowed.
04/21/year He that is carried down the stream need not row.
04/22/year Men fear death as children to go in the dark.
04/23/year More serpent than dove.
04/24/year No like is the same.
04/25/year Follow the river and you'll get to the sea.
04/26/year The longest day must have an end.
04/27/year Ill goes the boat without an oar.
04/28/year He that is hated of his subjects cannot be counted a king.
04/29/year No love is foul, nor prison fair.
04/30/year It is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.
05/01/year Many strokes fell great oaks.
05/02/year Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.
05/03/year Men know where they were born, not where they shall die.
05/04/year If I must be hanged, I'll choose my gallows.
05/05/year He that is his own counsel has a fool for a client.
05/06/year It's a good horse that never stumbles.
05/07/year Great businesses turn on a little pin.
05/08/year Money is a good servant but a bad master.
05/09/year I can tell best where my own shoe pinches me.
05/10/year No man can flay a stone.
05/11/year As welcome as water into a ship.
05/12/year Great winds blow on high hills.
05/13/year All fetters are bad, even if they be made of gold.
05/14/year A man must sometime set a candle before the devil.
05/15/year He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody.
05/16/year It is in vain to cast your net where there is no fish.
05/17/year I never loved them that find fault with my shoes, and give me no leather.
05/18/year Every bee's honey is sweet.
05/19/year It is a bold mouse that nestles in the cat's ear.
05/20/year Hope is the poor man's bread.
05/21/year Greedy folks have long arms.
05/22/year Fool haste is no speed.
05/23/year Hold with the hare and run with the hounds.
05/24/year He that is long a-giving does not know how to give.
05/25/year There's no remedy but patience.
05/26/year Ill gotten, ill spent.
05/27/year Every oak has been an acorn.
05/28/year It takes a good many shovelfuls of earth to bury the truth.
05/29/year I taught you to swim and now you'd drown me.
05/30/year Never the rose without the thorn.
05/31/year Who waits for dead men's shoes goes long barefoot.
06/01/year No sweet without some sweat.
06/02/year What is my turn today may be yours tomorrow.
06/03/year First try and then trust.
06/04/year He who wants nothing is rich enough.
06/05/year No sun without a shadow.
06/06/year As well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.
06/07/year No wisdom like silence.
06/08/year Hasty love is soon hot and soon cold.
06/09/year No man is hurt but by himself.
06/10/year When the staff is crooked, the shadow cannot be straight.
06/11/year He that is surprised with the first frost feels it all the winter after.
06/12/year None knows the weight of another's burden.
06/13/year Great weights hang on small wires.
06/14/year Who knows nothing doubts nothing.
06/15/year Money is round and rolls away.
06/16/year If today will not, tomorrow may.
06/17/year As long runs the fox as he has feet.
06/18/year Dogs gnaw bones they cannot swallow.
06/19/year Nearest the heart, nearest the mouth.
06/20/year Ill news comes unsent for.
06/21/year A cat in gloves catches no mice.
06/22/year Never ask pardon before you are accused.
06/23/year Fortune can take from us nothing but what she gave.
06/24/year Nothing dries sooner than tears.
06/25/year It is a great point of wisdom to find out one's own folly.
06/26/year Coming events cast their shadows long before them.
06/27/year The mouse with just one hole is quickly taken.
06/28/year Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste.
06/29/year Everybody's business is nobody's business.
06/30/year More have repented speech than silence.
07/01/year I will keep no more cats than will catch mice.
07/02/year Never catch at a falling knife or a falling friend.
07/03/year I know which way the wind blows.
07/04/year If wishes were butter-cakes, beggars might bite.
07/05/year It is a hard winter when one wolf eats another.
07/06/year He's got the fiddle, but not the fiddlestick.
07/07/year Poverty is easy to praise but hard to bear.
07/08/year Nothing enters a close hand.
07/09/year Better bend than break.
07/10/year Ill will never said well.
07/11/year Of all wars peace is the end.
07/12/year If two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind.
07/13/year It is a sad burden to carry a dead man's child.
07/14/year Eagles fly alone.
07/15/year They that sleep with dogs shall rise with fleas.
07/16/year Nothing seek, nothing find.
07/17/year In a calm sea, every man is a pilot.
07/18/year As the days lengthen, the cold strengthens.
07/19/year Old pottage is sooner heated than new made.
07/20/year It is a foolish fish that is caught twice with the same bait.
07/21/year He that is down can fall no lower.
07/22/year One foe is too many and a hundred friends too few.
07/23/year Better a lean peace than a fat victory.
07/24/year It is no time to stoop when the head is off.
07/25/year Nothing is stolen without hands.
07/26/year If men become sheep, the wolf will devour them.
07/27/year He that forsakes measure, measure forsakes him.
07/28/year It is not with saying "honey, honey" that sweetness comes into the mouth.
07/29/year If you fear the grass don't walk in the meadow.
07/30/year One hand is no hand.
07/31/year Our of debt, out of danger.
08/01/year Who kills a man when drunk shall be hanged when sober.
08/02/year It is wit to pick a lock and steal a horse, but it is wisdom to leave them alone.
08/03/year Save your breath to cool your porridge.
08/04/year We must do as we can, when we can't do as we would.
08/05/year I'll make him dance without a fiddle.
08/06/year It's an ill bird that fouls its own nest.
08/07/year He that knows little often repeats it.
08/08/year It's as cheap sitting as standing.
08/09/year If you cannot bite, never show your teeth.
08/10/year A door must either open or shut.
08/11/year Mischief hatch, mischief catch.
08/12/year It is as natural to die as to be born.
08/13/year 'Tis better to be stung by a nettle than pricked by a rose.
08/14/year All cats are alike grey in the night.
08/15/year He that falls today may rise tomorrow.
08/16/year One lie makes many.
08/17/year Sooner fall than rise.
08/18/year If you cut down the woods, you'll catch the wolf.
08/19/year One of these days is none of these days.
08/20/year Every path has its puddle.
08/21/year The sea refuses no river.
08/22/year Never is a long day.
08/23/year If you lie upon roses when young, you'll lie upon thorns when old.
08/24/year God gives the milk but not the pail.
08/25/year He never lies but when the holly is green.
08/26/year Lend your money and lose your friend.
08/27/year A scalded cat fears cold water.
08/28/year King have many ears and many eyes.
08/29/year He who never rode, never fell.
08/30/year I will not keep a dog and bark myself.
08/31/year Lawyers' houses are built on the heads of fools.
09/01/year Four eyes see more than two.
09/02/year Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies but let wasps break through.
09/03/year It is cheap enough to say, "God help you."
09/04/year Good horses make short miles.
09/05/year If you pay not a servant his wages, he will pay himself.
09/06/year It is easier to pull down than to build.
09/07/year Faults are thick where love is thin.
09/08/year It's easy to be wise after the event.
09/09/year I'll not pull the thorn out of your foot and put it into my own.
09/10/year It is good fishing in muddy waters.
09/11/year Fire that's closest kept burns most of all.
09/12/year It is not work that kills, but worry.
09/13/year Those who rise late must trot all day.
09/14/year No garden without weeds.
09/15/year Better sit still than rise and fall.
09/16/year The smallest hairs have their shadows.
09/17/year He would cheat his own father at cards.
09/18/year Time and place give best advice: out of season, out of price.
09/19/year Go farther and fare worse.
09/20/year There's nothing so bad but it might have been worse.
09/21/year Good news knocks hard at the door.
09/22/year Crooked logs make straight fires.
09/23/year Never take a stone to break an egg.
09/24/year They stumble who run in the night.
09/25/year Goods are theirs that enjoy them.
09/26/year No great loss but some small profit.
09/27/year Idle people have the least leisure.
09/28/year Great trees keep down the little ones.
09/29/year Pains to get, care to keep, fear to lose.
09/30/year A wild goose never laid a tame egg.
10/01/year What's past help should be past grief.
10/02/year Patience is a flower that grows not in everyone's garden.
10/03/year Friends are thieves of time.
10/04/year Pour not water on a drowned mouse.
10/05/year Put it on thick and a little will stick.
10/06/year Seek trouble and you will surely find it.
10/07/year A good shepherd must fleece his sheep, not flay them.
10/08/year He that gapeth until he be fed, well may he gape until he be dead.
10/09/year Put an old cat to an old rat.
10/10/year Dead men don't bite.
10/11/year If you steal for others you shall be hanged yourself.
10/12/year One today is worth two tomorrows.
10/13/year Early up and never the nearer.
10/14/year Seek any port in a storm.
10/15/year He rides sure that never fell.
10/16/year Promises are either broken or kept.
10/17/year He that's always shooting must sometimes hit.
10/18/year Grasp all, lose all.
10/19/year One sheep follows another.
10/20/year Puff not against the wind.
10/21/year A dwarf on a giant's shoulders sees the further of the two.
10/22/year One's too few, three too many.
10/23/year The horse thinks one thing, and the rider another.
10/24/year He goes a great voyage that goes to the bottom of the sea.
10/25/year One thief robs another.
10/26/year Hungry flies bite sore.
10/27/year It is the pace that kills.
10/28/year God defend me from my friends; from my enemies I can defend myself.
10/29/year Don't put your hand between the bark and the tree.
10/30/year I cannot be your friend and your flatterer too.
10/31/year He that steals honey should beware of the sting.
11/01/year Rue and thyme grow both in the same garden.
11/02/year Good will should be taken for part payment.
11/03/year Don't set the fox to keep the geese.
11/04/year Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry.
11/05/year Lazy folks lack no excuses.
11/06/year Gut no fish till you get them.
11/07/year Touch pitch and be daubed with it.
11/08/year Save a thief from the gallows and he will cut your throat.
11/09/year He is a gentle horse that never cast his rider.
11/10/year Scatter with one hand, gather with two.
11/11/year Ill news comes often on the back of worse.
11/12/year An oak is not felled at one stroke.
11/13/year If you toil so for trash, what would you do for treasure?
11/14/year Opportunity makes the thief.
11/15/year Who travels far will know much.
11/16/year Have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain.
11/17/year Scald not your lips in another man's porridge.
11/18/year If it were not for hope, the heart would break.
11/19/year He that does you an ill turn will never forgive you.
11/20/year If each would sweep before his own door, we should have a clean street.
11/21/year Shrouds have no pockets.
11/22/year If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.
11/23/year Score twice before you cut once.
11/24/year It is too late to shut the stable door when the steed is stole.
11/25/year If the beard were all, the goat might preach.
11/26/year He that will be rich before night may be hanged before noon.
11/27/year Hasty climbers have sudden falls.
11/28/year Second thoughts are best.
11/29/year If my aunt had been a man, she'd have been my uncle.
11/30/year Seldom seen, soon forgotten.
12/01/year Half a loaf is better than no bread.
12/02/year If you're afraid of leaves, don't go into the woods.
12/03/year If one sheep leap over the ditch, all the rest will follow.
12/04/year Send a fool to market and a fool he will return.
12/05/year He cannot speak well that cannot hold his tongue.
12/06/year Set the saddle on the right horse.
12/07/year What one will not, another will.
12/08/year Have but few friends, though many acquaintances.
12/09/year You need a long spoon if you would sup with the devil.
12/10/year Shallow waters make the greatest sound.
12/11/year He that will steal an egg, will steal an ox.
12/12/year Ships fear fire more than water.
12/13/year If each mended one, all would be mended.
12/14/year The tide never goes out so far but it always comes in again.
12/15/year He that comes first to the hill may sit where he will.
12/16/year Six feet of earth make all men equal.
12/17/year If the devil finds a man idle, he'll set him to work.
12/18/year So got, so gone.
12/19/year The little thieves hang for it, while the great ones sit upon the bench.
12/20/year He is not free that draws his own chain.
12/21/year To eat the fruit you must climb the tree.
12/22/year Some folk look up and others look down.
12/23/year Every mile is two in winter.
12/24/year Spilt wine is worse than water.
12/25/year If the sky fall, there will be catching of larks!
12/26/year He that fears death lives not.
12/27/year When the ox falls, there are many that will help to kill him.
12/28/year Straight trees have crooked roots.
12/29/year Pray don't burn my house to roast your eggs.
12/30/year Take time while time is, for time will away.
12/31/year The fate of the swimmer is to be taken by the sea.