Latin Poetry

This is a collection of 366 Latin poems, either 2 or 3 or 4 lines in length. Each one comes with a link to a word list at! For English translations, I've provided information about online translations, where available, at the wiki, and I'll also be including an English translation each day for the "poem of the day" at my Bestiaria blog.

CAVEAT: It is hard to read these poems if the lines are not complete - so this widget will be awkward if it is placed in the sidebar of a blog. It will work, but it will look very strange, and it will be hard to read the verse lines, especially the elegiac couplets. The widget needs about 400 pixels in width to display clearly - so it fits fine in a blog post column, just not in a typical sidebar.


The poems come from a variety of sources, which you can find organized source-by-source at the Latin Via Proverbs wiki:

Horace - Selections from the poems emphasizing the dactylic meters. The items link to the full text at Latin Library.
Vergil - Selections from the Aeneid, along with some lines from the Eclogues and Georgics, too. The items link to the full text at Latin Library.
Phaedrus - Some fables in their entirety, along with some of the morals to the longer fables (with links to the full fable provided).
Martial - Some complete epigrams, along with selections from longer poems (with links to the longer poems that are being excerpted).
Distichs of Cato - Dactylic hexameter couplets expressing a moral message.
Wegeler - Rhyming Leonine verses, collected by Wegeler. The rhymes are so much fun!
Alciato - Selections from the poems that accompanied his famous emblems.
Owen -- A selection of his marvelous Renaissance epigrams.
Desbillons - Aesop's fables in iambic verse - each complete in just four lines or fewer!
Misc. - A few selections from Catullus and Ovid, as well as a few later poets.